Monday, May 16, 2016

Little Brother in Munich

Way back in early autumn last year when it was finalized that my little brother would be studying in Russia for the spring semester, I began concocting a plan for him to visit us in Munich as well. Unfortunately one-way tickets back from Munich came with a hefty price tag, but after a bit of searching around I happened upon a ticket with an overnight layover in Munich and quickly sent the link my brother's way. And that's how it came to be that I was fetching my brother from the airport Sunday evening and heading to the city to cram as much Munich into his visit as possible.

To the city we go!
I would say we did a pretty good job exploring the main sites of the city center and finished off at the famous Hofbräuhaus.

First stop, Marienplatz!

It may not be the Bolshoi, but it's still pretty

Don't let the spring flowers fool you, it was very chilly!

The famous Munich surfers

Bavarian Government Building

Trying a spicy Döner


When in Munich...

''Musicians Table''
Back at home we shared music, stories, pictures, and laughs until I was nearly falling asleep at the kitchen table. Whenever family or old friends come around there is such an overwhelming sense of normalcy and no matter how long it has been, when these people are around everything is good in the world.  It brought to mind memories of my mom and her siblings sitting around the table at my grandparents' house until all hours of the night. And while my current apartment situation makes hosting guests somewhat of a challenge, with a bit of improvisation we made it work.

The next morning we packed away the make-shift bed which we had constructed in the kitchen and gathered around the table again for coffee and breakfast cake before heading to the train station and bringing a short, but very sweet, visit in Munich to a close.

Until next time!


  1. I love all your posts, Chelsea, but it is especially fun to read these stories of time spent with your friends and family members in Europe or elsewhere around the world. I think it's cool that the late nights with my own siblings around the table bring back fond memories for you, too. :-)

    1. It keeps life exciting, that's for sure ;)

  2. How fun! :) Glad you got the chance to see your brother again. My brother and I just traveled together solo for the first time ever. It's weird to spend time with your sibling once you're both adults, a little bit like "who is this grown up and what did they do with that kid I knew?" :p

    And Chelsea, Munich surfers? Mind blown!!

    1. Yes! The surfers are one of the must-sees in Munich. It actually used to be illegal to surf there until 2010 so people were very hush-hush about it, but now that it's legal they constantly have a crowd watching them. They surfer year-round despite the weather and set up lights to continue surfing after dark. I've never actually met someone who surfs there, but I've heard that they're a pretty exclusive group. Here's an article with some pictures and a few links -

      The Eisbach where they surf also has an area where people ride the current and then have to grab onto a rope at the end. It's completely dangerous and probably illegal as well, but I can say from experience that it's an awesome thrill!

    2. How cool! You're broadening my horizons :)