Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sunday in Moscow

Sunday was another bright and sunny day, so I wasted no time in heading to the city. That is, of course, after another breakfast at the same cafe as Saturday morning!

My brother had time already at 1PM, so I spent my morning walking around Gorky Park and MUZEON Park (aka Fallen Monument Park) and basking in the glorious sunshine. 

Hey there, Gorky Park!

No bridge is safe from those love locks. 

Gorky Park, just starting to wake up from winter.

Fallen Monument Park

Of course Lenin made an appearance or two.

My favorite monument - ''We need peace!''

Fall Monument Park

When I met up with my brother and one of his friends our stomachs were telling us that the very first order of business would be lunch.  We had some hearty Russian food at ''Mu-mu'' a cafeteria style restaurant which is decorated in a cow-print theme. 

After lunch we decided to check out Victory Park and bask in more of that beautiful sunshine. We eventually retired to a bench with our to-go coffees, people watching and talking. 

World War I Monument. There were children climbing and playing all over the monument.

Little brother in Moscow!

This is what happiness looks like!

The boys were excited about the weapons.

I'm actually in this picture - see if you can spot me :)

Before I knew it is was already time to part ways. The next time I see my brother it will be in my neck of the woods - Munich!  This weekend was definitely one for the memory book! Being able to share this country, city, and language with my brother.  Most of the weekend just felt surreal - it was easy to forget that we were in Moscow in the midst of the normalcy of family time. Joseph's group had a train back to St. Petersburg that night and I had a ticket to the circus! I bought the ticket completely on a whim Saturday afternoon and was so glad that I did.  The acrobats were astounding and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show. 

After the circus I decided to check out a few of the supermarkets near my hostel in search of some treats to take back to Munich with me.  It took peaking into a few different stores, but I finally found what I wanted. Back at the hostel I chatted a bit with my Czech and Brazilian roommates, sharing our stories of adventures around Russia. It's always interesting to me to find out what draws people to Russia and what impressions Russia leaves on each of these individuals. Something certainly draws me back again and again. 

One last night walk in Red Square