Monday, February 1, 2016

The unexpected weekend kitchen remodel

When my landlady called me up Wednesday evening to let me know that her Bulgarian handyman friend was in town and could come over to replace the faucet in the kitchen sink, I was thankful that we would finally get that pesky little thing taken care of. The faucet hasn't been properly intact since we moved in, which causes leaking and makes doing to dishes extremely clumsy.

Her friend, however, had other things in mind when he saw the condition of the countertop. It turns out that since the people living here before never said anything about the leak there was quite a bit of water damage to the countertop, especially in the area around the faucet.  So he decided that since he was here anyway he would replace the entire countertop as well as the faucet.

So off the went to the hardware store and were back a couple of hours later. And just to clarify, the 'they' I am talking about included my landlady, her handyman friend, and her two small sons.  Since she's a single mom, she had to bring them along and they attempted to entertain themselves in my tiny apartment for allll those hours.  I felt pretty sorry for them, especially since the project dragged on and on.

Around 17:30 the project got to the point that the handyman didn't think he needed any more help and mom and kiddos headed on there way while handyman worked for a couple more hours and got to a stopping point. And since my kitchen looked like this when he left.... plans to heat up the borsch I had cooked the night before  were completely ruined. I was just glad that there was bread and salami in the cupboards, otherwise it would have been a rather hungry evening.

So Sunday he was back to work in the kitchen while I once again sat around bored in the other room and after almost 9 hours (!!!) of work in addition to Saturdays 6 hours or so, the never-ending kitchen project finally came to an end and I could finally make myself that bowl of borsch!

Already last night I noticed that only warm/hot water is coming out of the kitchen sink, although the cold water is still working in the bathroom. Also the dishwasher doesn't seem to be properly connected to its water source, so perhaps yet another visit from the handyman is coming up soon.

Never a dull moment here...


  1. Uh oh :p Did you ever hear about the домовёнок? Maybe one followed you to Germany from Ukraine! Supposedly if you upset them, they can cause lots of problems like that. But then again, it's probably just a silly story...

    And I LOVE THAT BORSCH, good stuff :) :) :)

    1. I really think you may be right. Our washing machine has been on the fritz and now that I got the cold water and dishwasher sorted, the hot water and heating seems not to have come back on after some work done on the house this week. How do we get rid of this домовёнок?? ;)

    2. I asked my husband. He said you should "pay attention to it, be nice to it, leave a little food out for it". Hope that helps and things go back to normal at home! :p