Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Apartment Hunt

700 euros for a tiny one-room apartment with no kitchen? You can't be serious.  Two-room apartment, but sorry, it will only be rented to one person...are you kidding me right now? I recieved 700 e-mails about the apartment in 24 hours and now I've invited 50 of you here to view it. Yeah, that's Munich apartment hunting for you.  It has been a stressful, long, time-consuming process with something like a hundred e-mails sent and phone calls made (I swear I'm not even exaggerating) all to finally say...


Wait, what was wrong with your current flat? You might ask.  Absolutely nothing...well, maybe a few things - like how long it takes to clean, the crying baby upstairs, the fact that people walking on the outside stairs can see into our bathroom, but let's not get off topic. The apartment has been more than perfect for us for the past year, but sadly all good things must come to an end and our landlord is moving back to Germany in the new year and needs his place back. Of course, we knew this going in, but having a time limit on the apartment search wasn't always the best feeling. 

Now, I'm going to take just a moment to give myself a little pat on the back. You see, this apartment hunting process was more or less completely my job.  Mario simply has too much on his plate and looking for apartments is basically an additional part-time job.  Plus, when inquiring about a place it's much less likely that they will take a student than someone with a full-time job, so we put our best man (woman) forward and I set out on the hunt for an apartment. Oh, and did I mention that this all took place in German? Yeah, the advertisements, e-mails, phone calls, viewing appointments, documents, contracts - Deutsch, Deutsch, und mehr Deutsch.  I'm sure my accent or something that I said gave at least someone a good laugh, but hey, what can I say, at least I can be the foreign comic relief.  But in all seriousness, it feels like a big victory having hunted down an apartment in a foreign country and a foreign language in Munich of all places.  If you can do that, I think they should exempt you from an integration course and just give you the permanent residency. ;)

So, about the new place.  It's simply lovely! It's a little bit small, but it's cozy and well-kept, the price is reasonable, the neighborhood is quiet, yet we've still got a bus stop, ubahn, and grocery stores nearby, the landlady is nice, and the current renters are selling me their furniture. Really, it's exactly what I'd been searching for.

Today I signed the contract and I can't wait to start the new year in a cozy new home!

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  1. Moving will help speed up the time so you are going to be home BEFORE WE KNOW IT!!! Just a mere 34 days now! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!