Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boquete, Panama

When we headed back to Panama from Costa Rica we mede our way to the quiet mountain town of Boquete. There we were greeted with the first cooler temperatures of our trip, which was actually a very welcome relief.

Our hostel was extremely quiet (as in, there were only 1 or 2 guests there besides us), but it made for a relaxing stay.

Our time in Boquete was mostly spent exploring the surrounding countryside and doing some hiking. Here are some snapshots from our first day of hiking, exploring three waterfalls.

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I'm not so sure why they are ''lost'' because we certainly found them

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We were even brave (crazy) enough to take an icy dip!

On our second day we headed out for a slightly longer hike and ended up with a bit of a misadventure on our hands.  Several kilometers in the rainforest decided to live up to its name and the skies opened up and dumped buckets of water upon us.  Now, this wouldn't have been such a huge problem, except that the trails are extremely sensitive. Just the slightest bit too much rain and they are transformed into little more than a shallow river.  So as we slipped and squished our way a couple of kilometers back to the nearest shelter we had seen along the way, I have to admit I wasn't amused.  Yet, looking back on it, I suppose it wasn't all that bad.  Even if our shoes were still wet well into Nicaragua and I'm pretty sure that special kind of stink is never going to quite leave my shoes. 
Setting off in the morning, completely unsuspecting of the storm to come
Shortly before the rain began

And after

Leaving Boquete was also quite the adventure, as the buses could hardly make even half speed due to the rain and we were quite certain we would miss our flight out of David. But luck was on our side and we made or way to Nicaragua via an overnight in Guatemala City and the adventure continued!

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  1. Hola Chelsea! Sounds like you guys made some good memories there :D The waterfall looks a lot like an Oregon waterfall (but the surrounding temperature is probably quite different). I'll be curious to read your take on Nicaragua!