Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day Moldova

Вы на праздник приехали? Our taxi driver asks as we approach our hotel. From the confused looks on our faces he quickly realized that we didn't have a clue which holiday he meant. What, of course, was a bit embarrassing for us since it happened to be День Независимости (Independence Day). Excited about the festivities in the city, we had just a short stop at our very lovely hotel before heading out to check it all out.

Landing in Chisinau 
Stage on the main square
Giant flag
Chisinau Radler!
This was one of several giant chess sets I saw in the city
August 27th - Independence Day
Entrance to a park not far from the central square
This little kitty thought that she was also invited to dinner

Our first stop of the day was on the city's central square where the festivities had begun with folk music and dancing.  We discovered that such a thing as a Chisinau Radler exists and each of us drank one. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening exploring Chisinau by foot, as the city center is not terribly big. 

We also discovered a nearby lake and walked through the central market. 

After a shower and a couple of hours of recuperating at the hotel, we headed out for a huge and delicious dinner of traditional Moldavian food at a restaurant from where we could catch a glimpse of the 10 PM fireworks over the trees.  

We then spent a few more hours taking in the festive atmosphere on the main square before getting a beer at a small outdoor bar and heading back to the hotel for a rather late bedtime. 

I'm sure that there are many hidden treasures in Chisinau which could make it worthy of more than a day's stay, but given the relatively small city center and the fact that our visit happened to coincide with the national independence day, I think one day in Chisinau was just enough. 

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