Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mumsie in Europe - weekend number one!

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early enjoying a quiet coffee on the terrace before heading out to the airport.

At the airport we watched impatiently through the window as mom finally appeared and went through passport control. Once she had gotten her luggage it was giant hugs and smiles all around (as well as few photo ops) before jumping on the train and heading to my apartment.

Gangs all here!
Mom and Chels reunion at the airport!

After a quick shower for mom and some lunch at home, we wasted no time in heading to the city for a walking tour followed by a beer and a short walk in the English Gartens. Back at home we both knocked out on the couch for a bit before a little dinner and a trip to one of Munich's most touristy destinations - Hofbrauhaus!
First German bier in Germany!

Lounging around Odeonsplatz with hammocks, bean bags, and books

Mom got to see the famous Isar River Surfers


The next day we were up again bright and early for a trip into the mountains. My mom got to experience that real European feeling of being in 4 countries in one day (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) and we got to see some beautiful countryside views all the day long! 

Heading out in the morning! Mom set a speed record of 200 kmh (125 mph)

Mountains in the distance

First border crossing of the day
We made it to Liechtenstein! Mom says that ever since she knew as a child that Liechtenstein existed she always wanted to visit it :)

Hello there Switzerland!

This picture was taken from a bathroom window.  In case you needed any more proof of how awesome Germany is....even the bathrooms come with a view! 

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted Monday morning, but the week went by quickly enough with the excitement of vacation just around the corner! So while mom went out exploring Munich and the nearby areas, I taught my munchkins by day and spent the evenings cleaning, washing, and packing for 13 days on the road.  But more on that in the next post...

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  1. 4 countries in a day is pretty epic!! :) Keep the adventures coming, Chelsea!