Sunday, February 22, 2015

My poor neighbors!

On a recent Friday evening I had a run-in with my neighbors which was just too ridiculous not to share.

It started out rather normal, halfheartedly complaining to my couchsurfers about the baby upstairs who just never stops crying.  Well, then the crying went on and on and on and got louder and louder and we really began to wonder if everything was okay up there. Before we know it there is a knock on the door and I open up to see a very frazzled looking granny holding a very sad baby screaming at the top of his lungs, a telephone, and a list of the phone numbers for the kiddo's parents. She explained to us that she was the granny and on babysitting duty that night and that she couldn't figure out how to use the telephone to call the baby's parents.  As we are showing her how to use the phone and she is beginning to type in the phone number poo suddenly begins falling out of the baby's improperly-fastened diaper.

''Aufpassen!'' (Look out!) But it was already much too late and I ran to fetch the paper towels. In the end mama and papa were contacted, instructed to rush home as quickly as possible, and succeeded in getting junior to quiet down.

Just when we thought the excitement was over, another knock on the door revealed neighbor dad at the door.

''I'm SO sorry,'' he began, extending a bottle of red wine.

''Oh you don't have to do that,'' I responded, a bit taken aback. ''Is the baby okay?''

''Yeah. the baby is fine.  Granny - not so much...''

That poor granny - she just wanted to babysit and give the parents a night off.

What kind of memorable moments have you had with your neighbors?


  1. HEE HEE HEE...I have NEVER had such an interesting experience with my neighbors like this, and certainly nothing that could top this story! LOL You need to start writing a book!

    1. Ivana said the exact same thing about the book when I told her the story! haha