Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Turning 23 in Germany

This is the third birthday in a row that I have spent in Germany, but it is the first one spent here while living here and not just visiting.

My birthday started out with opening presents at midnight and I was espcially excited about my gift from Mario - a surprise trip! I'm not allowed to know where we're headed, I simply have to get in the car and go whereever he takes me.  I'm sure it will be great and the end of February can't come soon enough!

In the morning we had our traditional birthday cake breakfast. Lemon cake this year!

Once I got to the school the children sang to me as I walked into the classroom and the school director gave me flowers, a cake, and a giftcard.
There were pumpkin seeds on top - yum! 
In the evening we had a dinner of homemade lasagna and then my favorite partner in hilarity, Kayli, came over for an evening that certainly didn't disappoint.

Awesome birthday present from Kayli!

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We opened the wine bottle with a knife and a shoe...
The family I babysit for gave me a celebration and some gifts. On Saturday the package from my mama came filled with all sorts of wonderful American candy, my favoite lotions, and some super cute new clothes. I wrapped the celebrations up on Saturday night with a girls night at my place which included lots of yummy food and wine.  We ate way too much chocolate and laughed until our stomach's hurt. In other words, it was perfect.