Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Big Move

I promise I'll get back to the Azerbaijan and Ukraine adventures soon, but for now, some other big news from Germany.

Saturday morning started early and was busy with the latest big adventure - moving! After deciding to take my new job, I was extemely fortunate to also find a place to live in this city which has a seriously aggrivating housing sitution.

After fetching my stuff from my host family's house, we headed into the city to get a bunch of Mario's stuff as well.  Needless to say, the car was completely stuffed!

Hmmmm, we probably could have done a better job of loading stuff in
There was a special surprise waiting for me under the Christmas tree at my host family's house - a saxophone!!! They rented one for me for a little more than half a year because they know how much I love music and that I miss having instruments to play here in Munich. Best Christmas present ever? I think yes!

A not so nice surprise waiting for me at the house was a letter saying that my Christmas package from America is stuck in German customs.  We were going to suck it up and drive the 40 km to where we could pick it up until we realized that it's Saturday and they aren't open. I should be able to send an email stating that it is a gift and the contents of the box and then get the package sent to me.  Let's hope that all works out!

At the house we met my landlord who also lives in the apartment during his 2-3 trips home to Munich each year and came to the conclusion that he is exceedingly nice - he even helped us bring the stuff inside from the car! After we had schlepped everything into the house we took a trip to one of the two grocery stores right at the corner and bought a lot of household essentials.

Mario headed back to Hilpoltstein shortly after, but I decided to stay in Munich so that I could unpack, settle in, and visit some friends in Munich for a few days.  I got to work organizing everything right away because frankly, things not being organized sends me over the edge.  I've already warned Mario that he better be prepared to live with the clean police.

Other side of bedroom and wardrobe
Living room 
Dining room
Saturday night I slept in the new apartment for the first time and by the time I woke up Sunday morning it felt like home. Here's to a new chapter in a cozy new home!


  1. Your new place looks great and what a lovely Christmas gift to receive from your host family!

    1. Thanks! I feel so lucky to have sound such a nice place!