Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thanksgiving in Germany 2014

This year when Thanksgiving came around I knew that I wanted to cook a special thanksgiving feast for my host family and a couple of dear friends. Since fitting it into the middle of the week was all too hectic, we pushed it to Sunday evening. It also just so happened to be the last day before I started my mew job, so they called it a "Thanksgiving and Thanks Chelsea" dinner - how cute!

I wasn't successful in finding a whole turkey, but I did find turkey legs and that's the best part of the turkey anyway. Also on the menu was mashed potatoes,  green beans, corn, banana bread, and chocolate mousse. We ate way more than our fill, shared lots of laughs, and exchanged some small gifts. My heart couldn't have been happier. 

Being able to share special traditions with the special people in my life here in Germany certainly helps keep the homesickness away! 

The feast

Mimi and I with the special matching USA bears I brought..also, I may have cried a little ;)

Looking at the Mimi and Chelsea photo book together

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