Monday, November 24, 2014

Half a year in Deutschland

As I said in my post about my first month in Deutschland, it's hard to call it my sixth month in Germany given the scattered weeks and months which I have spent here in the last three years.  None the less, as of last week it has been half a year since my most recent Deutschland adventure began! Where in the world did all of that time go? For the longest time I couldn't shake the feeling that I just got here, although I was often the one among my friends suggesting where to go and offering my Munich advice.  I've come to the point now where I don't feel so brand new and I really feel like this is my home.

Here are some of the highlights of this past half year abroad!

Deutsch Lernen

I feel extremely blessed that language learning comes so easily to me.  I feel so bad for my classmates who really need German in order to find a job and start a new life here or who have been here for several years already and still struggle to find the words to express themselves.  In the six months that I have been here I  have gotten to a place where I am confident speaking German and understand the world and conversations around me.  My favorite game is "how long does it take for them to figure out I'm a foreigner" and this weekend I was told "I would never guess that you come from the US" - score! Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being from the USA and I love my home country and my native language, but the stereotypical "American" way of speaking German isn't exactly what I'm aiming to associate myself with. Unfortunately I don't speak nearly enough Russian now that I'm here, but I use Russian when I can.


One of the perks of living in Europe is the opportunity for cheap and nearby travel. Speaking of travel, that brings me to another announcement. In less than a month three friends and I will be visiting Azerbaijan! This trip has been a long time coming and I can't wait to explore everything this small central Asian republic has to offer!


I'm still loving every moment with the band and am so grateful for the opportunity it gives me to make music here in Munich.  Christmas will be a busy time for us and I have a lot of German lyrics to memorize, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Internship and New Job

Since August I have spent at least two days per week in a first grade classroom as part of my teaching certification program. On Friday I said some very sad goodbyes to them and they melted my hearts with a bouquet of flowers and a class picture signed by them all.  I'm going to miss them oh so much, but starting next Monday I will have many new munchkins to teach in my new class. Also, taking my new job means leaving the job as an au pair which I have had since May. While I have enjoyed every day of this au pair experience, bigger things await and I had to make the difficult decision to do what is best for my future.

Going to miss my kiddos!

Autumn in Munich

Of all the times I've come to visit, never have I been here to experience the autumn.  The falling leaves gave the English Garden a carpet of red, orange, and yellow and after our rainy summer we had an absolutely warm and beautiful autumn.  It made for many long walks with good friends and hot coffee.
Long fall walks with an awesome friend!

Leaves, leaves, leaves!
The most unbelievable apartment luck 

Finding a place to live in Munich is nothing short of a nightmare! One can search for more than half a year and find little more than a broom closest kilometers from the nearest public transport for which one must give half of the month's salary to pay.  Let's just say, the place which has just fallen into my lap is neither broom closest nor in the middle of nowhere and has an unbelievably good rent price for Munich.  I'll be sure to blog about it when I move in after Christmas!

These six months haven't always been easy, but they have been 100% worth it and have taught me so much. So many doors have been opened since I arrived here in May and I can't wait to see what new opportunities await me and what my new teaching job has in store for me.

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