Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scandinavia Trip - Setting Out

Tuesday morning, awake well before my alarm. Excitement keeps me from sleep, ready to explore lands uncharted. Okay, so not exactly lands uncharted, but I'm about to add three countries to my count on this trip and the prospect of visiting somewhere new is oh so exhilarating!
Our flight to Copenhagen went just fine, a quick little hour and a half north. Once we landed we got cash (Krones), found our train to the city, and followed the easy directions to the hostel.
Upon arrival we dropped our stuff and set out to get our first impressions of the city, which we quite lovely I must say, until we tired of dodging rain and got some quick dinner and headed back to the hostel for the night. We were quite amused by how many 7 Elevens we saw in Copenhagen - on every other street corner practically! Who would have guessed?
In the hostel we met some really funny Swiss engineers to be and ended up chatting with them for several hours about anything and everything! I definitely went to sleep with a happy heart!

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