Sunday, September 28, 2014

Scandinavia Trip - Days 3 & 4

Day number three of our adventure! We woke up a bit earlier today, having slept much better than the night before. After checking out of the hostel and storing our luggage we went out in search of the few landmarks we hadn't yet seen. We once again had beautiful weather and were happy to be seeing the city under the bright sun. After lunch we went to the hostel to collect our luggage and then found our way to the harbor to catch the ship to Oslo.
Fountains in the park on our way to find the little mermaid
This tiny little mermaid statue is one of Copenhagen's must see's, but prepare to be less than impressed and to spend an awful lot of time just trying to find it 

Now, when I booked the overnight ship from Copenhagen to Oslo with DFDS Seaways I wasn't expecting it to be a very big ship or very luxurious. After all, it was only 80 euros for both of us. When we turn up at the harbor, however, there is a HUGE cruise ship waiting at the harbor. Yep, that was our ship! 

Having checked in and boarded we found our room which had a sweet location on the ship! It was a little small, but clean and cosy with oh so comfy beds. We had our own TV and bathroom with shower as well, so we were living in luxury that night! 
Boat selfies1

We went up on deck to watch the ship take off and spent quite a bit of time on the decks both that evening and the next morning.  We drank coffee in the ship's cafe and browsed the duty free shop. The free wifi on board made for some nice chatting with much missed friends and family back home as well as a chance to look up some information about our next city - Oslo! 

At night we watched some English TV and I accidentally scared a half-asleep Kayli into thinking the skip had hit an iceberg when I catapulted from my top bunk. 

In the morning I woke up early to enjoy the views from the deck and we spent the rest of the journey drinking coffee and awaiting our arrival in Norway.

Sunrise on the sea
Early morning out on the deck

Our hostel was easy enough to find and we made a bit of a plan while waiting for some rain to pass. 
We explored quite a bit of Oslo, including the City Hall which is 100x more impressive inside than out, the old fortress, the Royal Palace, and a delicious food festival where we sampled bear and reindeer meat and all sorts of Norwegian cheeses and sweets. 

Beautiful City Hall Interior

Old Fortress panorama
After a quick afternoon rest we visited the northeast corner of the city and after a TON of walking were content to spend the rest of the night chatting with our Brazilian roommate, listening to music, and reading until we fell asleep for the night.
Being silly in the botanical gardens
Little German cafe and shop in Oslo

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