Monday, September 22, 2014

Scandinavia Trip - Day 2

Our second day in Copenhagen was all about the walking! After a not great night of sleep in a room full of snorers, we knew that we would need some coffee to conquer the busy day ahead of us. We ate some delicious cinnamon pastries from the grocery store and sipped our coffee as we went to meet up for the free walking tour of the city. Our tour guide was a spunky little Canadian with 5 years in Copenhagen already behind him. His enthusiasm for giving the tour impressed me, given that he has been giving basically the same tour, everyday, for who knows how long. But he must really love it! I think one needs to be some kind of performer for that job, keeping the audience of tourists engaged and amused throughout three hours of trekking through the city. 
Group Photo - Copenhagen City tour

After the walking tour our feet were starting to tell us about it, but we had no time for that ;) We ended up walking all the way across the city three more times that day, enjoying roaming just for the sake of roaming. 

Before going back to the hostel we bought some cookies and chips and had a bit of a junk food dinner. I think in the end we were just too lazy to go back out and get real food. 

We drank a couple of beers at the hostel and chatted with hostel mates from Hawaii, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, and England.The main reason I travel is to see and learn about the world, but the nights spent talking and laughing with newfound companions are moments that I treasure immensely!

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