Monday, August 18, 2014

Italy and San Marino Weekend Trip - Day 2

Saturday morning we made a nice breakfast in the camp and then set out for a bit more adventuring in San Marino.  I went to the tourist office and got a San Marino stamp put in my passport, one of the very few souvenirs I bought on the trip.

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We had the bikes with us and decided to do some more biking in the hills of San Marino. I was quite proud of myself for biking much better than the day before and it felt good to conquer some hills and see the views which rewarded us at the top.  We even crossed the Italy/San Marino border on our bikes and took more pictures, of course :)
Border crossing, bike edition :)

We were getting really hungry by the end of our bike tour, but unfortunately we weren't having much luck finding a quick place to eat nearby. Since it was a bit past lunchtime a lot of cafes had their kitchens closed for the afternoon.  So we did what every tourist hates to do and ended up grabbing something at McDonalds. At least we had a nice view ;)

We had one final adventure in the city center and then in the evening we rested a bit at the camp site, ate some watermellon, wrote a postcard to my mama, and had some good laughs.

Once it was dark we headed back to Rimini and the beach for the some nighttime exploring.  The night life on the promenade and near the beach was exciting.  Mario bought me a pretty purple bracelet from one of the street vendors and we enjoyed some late-night gelato. Back at camp we showered and called it a day, cuddled up in our sleeping bags and hiding from the nighttime cold.

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