Monday, August 4, 2014


It's official! I have a dirndl! This traditional German (especially Bavarian) dress is a must-have for anyone planning to stay in southern Germany for a while.  I had a bit of an idea in my head of the type of dirndl I wanted, but when Kayli and I went dirndl shopping a couple of weeks ago there was one that just stuck out to me as the one I had to have.

On Friday my little munchkin and I dressed up in them and took some sweet pics!

I got my first chance to wear it out somewhere on Saturday night at Hilpoltstein's annual Burgfest! The last time I was at Burgfest was two whole  years ago! And in many ways that feels like a lifetime ago! My first Burgfest in 2012 was loads of fun, but I remember feeling so shy and overwhelmed, meeting so many people whom I could only kinda sorta understand in a town I was visiting for the first time.  In those two years since that first Hilpoltstein weekend I've been back dozens of times and gotten to know many of Mario's friends.  Not to mention I can hold my own in German these days :) We didn't plan on staying super late at the fest, but in the end we stayed until it was starting to close down and then some.  Definitely a fun night even if we did have to wake up to catch a 5:45 train the next morning...but more on that soon!!!


  1. Aahhhh! I almost bought one this weekend but couldn't decide on a colour! So jealous!

  2. Just another reason to come back to Munich! But I agree, there are some many choices, my friend and I spent an entire afternoon hunting for the perfect dirndls!