Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How I Celebrated Germany's World Cup Victory

More than a week after the fact I'm finally getting around to posting this. Better late than never I suppose!

On Sunday evening I curled my hair, painted German flags on my face, donned my German flag scarf, and headed into the city in high spirits.

Our original plan was to watch the game at the university, but they were being difficult about capacity issues and just generally making stress, so we headed over to a friend just one street over. The friend hosts couchsurfers, so we ended up with quite the fun and multinational crowd.
Our funny double laptop set up
Since we were watching a live stream there was a little bit of delay from the TV broadcast. So when we heard the streets below us come to life, we quickly glued our eyes to the screen to catch Mario Götze's game winning goal.

We cheered and clapped and jumped in the air! Our host quickly offered everyone a victory shot and then we hit the streets to celebrate with the rest of Munich. Since we were so close to Leopaldstrasse we were some of the first to join the festivities.

The atmosphere in the streets was really unbelievable. Fireworks were being shot off, people were singing, chanting, and cheering. Cars drove down the streets blasting their horns while flags flew out of the window and the people inside cheered and waved to pedestrians. Everyone was just having a great time being Weltmeister!

The ubahn stations in the center were closed off for crowd control reasons and I wasn't going to make last sbahn back anyhow, so I just stayed in the center and headed home early the next morning (or a little later in the morning, depending on how you look at it :) )

Now that the World Cup is over I feel like I have nothing to watch on TV for the next 4 years...why can't the World Cup be every year???

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