Friday, June 27, 2014

Week in Review

This week. Phew! I don't really believe in bad weeks because every week has something good in it, but this week, I'm just glad that it's over because it has certainly thrown me through all sorts of loops.

Monday started out strange from the get go when I arrived at German lessons to find no one from my group there. Turns out my class had been moved to the afternoon and since this week are my make-up classes and I'm not officially in the computer I wasn't contacted. So, I made the best of the morning by going to pick up a paper I needed and turning it into the bank. I picked up a few things I needed from Rossman's and then spent the morning tidying up, doing laundry, and relaxing a little.
I left the house a little early to stop at the library before picking up my kiddo, but it's closed on Mondays I found out. I had gotten a text about a forgotten bike helmet, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the house. It turns out we didn't even need our helmets though because kiddo's bike chain was broken again and Oma and Opa were playing tennis so we had a long walk home, for most of which I was pushing two bikes and trying avoid a stop every 5 seconds to pick flowers or fetch a snail.Two friends wanted to have playdates, but I didn't have either family's number, so I was glad when they both called us.  The afternoon was nice with friends and swimming and strawberry cake, and football in the evening.

Tuesday morning I was on wake up duty again. I don't mind the morning routine since I am up early anyhow, but there's something a tad bit trying about 15 minutes spent attempting to coax a sleepy little six year old out of her nice, warm, comfy bed.  After a rainy bike ride to the Sbhan station with water from the road splashing up onto the back of my pants, two consecutive announcements came on at the station announcing first a 5 minute and then 10 minute delay.  The fun continued when we found out that the train would be terminating in Pasing and that we all had to change trains.  Considering that morning, 15 minutes late and no coffee before German class was about as well as it could have turned out in the end.  The afternoon schedule ran fairly smoothly with only a few hiccups and the day ended with finding out about a dance class I could join in on the next day and a trip to a biergarten with the fam. 

I took one sbahn early on Wednesday morning and avoided being late for my last day of German classes. After a bit of a flight mix up a previous au pair who is staying with us while she finds a place and starts her job in Munich arrived in the evening.  I felt bad, but I basically had to say, "Hi, nice to meet you.  Chicken and rice is in the oven if you're hungry.  I have to leave right now to make it to my dance class.  See you later." Yeah, not exactly the most graceful introduction, but so were the circumstances and I really really didn't want to miss my dance class because I had been looking forward to it so much! I liked my dance class and it was nice to have a teacher who is from the States, so even though she speaks German about 90% of the time in the class, she can throw a little English in there too.  I told her that I would be back next week and she told me that she is always so happy to have someone from the States in her classes.  We are learning two kind of "classic" dances and a dance to the song "Happy" as well - love it! 

Thursday I FINALLY got to hang out with some new au pair friends, something that has been seriously lacking in my life and was the cause of a little breakdown Wednesday night.  In the afternoon we had an au pair/kiddo date at a cafe in Munich called Katzentemple where there are a bunch of cats you can play with while you enjoy your coffee and cake.  The girls were a little shy around each other since it was their first time meeting, but I think that they enjoyed it and it's good for both the kiddos and us au pairs to have some stuff to do together.  And the girls are really close in age, so it's perfect! 

The fun continued that evening with a meetup to watch the USA vs Germany game with  4 more new friends plus the friend from the playdate.  The US lost 0-1, but we were in such high spirits that it didn't even dampen our mood.  We continued our night out in the city and even sang karaoke together.  I haven't laughed so hard since I arrived here in Munich and I couldn't be more thankful for such an awesome girls night out. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. It sounds like a bit of a miscommunication week! I'm glad you enjoyed your dance class though!

    1. Yeah, that sums it up pretty well! This week has thankfully been going much more smoothly!

  2. I can't wait to visit my best friend in Munich, it sounds like so much fun! She found similar meet ups but for students/newcomers rather than au pairs and I think she used a Facebook group like 'English speakers in Munich' or something like that.
    I love the community of expats that we get in Germany :) it's so easy to meet people!

    1. Yes!!! You will LOVE Munich!!
      And you're totally right, once you start making those first contacts it gets much easier :)

  3. I am glad that week is over for you, Chels! I know it was a rough one. I am glad you called your dear old Mom when you were feeling low. Although I know you are a fiercely independent young woman, it's nice to know you still need your Mama once in awhile (purely selfish, I know) �� Love you lots! ��