Friday, June 13, 2014

Week in Review

Friday- Monday: Oh sweet weekend you were four days of sunshine and summer heat and just what my heart needed.  Friday night we headed to Hilpoltstein and of course there was fun waiting for us there! Friday night we joined up with some friends to go to a party being held at the local high school. Wait what?! A party at the high school??!? With alcohol?? Yeah, that's what I thought too, but apparently this is totally normal and totally chill at the end of the school year in Germany.  It's put on by the graduating class who can, in Germany, already legally drink, but anyone can come.  We got there pretty late, so the party wasn't really so hopping anymore (plus the guys tell me that this group of students just doesn't know how to party), but it was a new experience for me and fun none the less.  Saturday my internal alarm clock had me awake by 7:30 despite the late night, which meant that I, of course, felt the need to wake Mario up as well ;) Mario decided to take a break from his intense studying to spend the whole day together, which meant I was one happy clam! It was already hot in the morning so we rode our bikes to Rothsee and enjoyed some sun and swimming in the lake.  Back at home we relaxed a little and then headed out with the car to continue our day of fun.  We wanted to find this mountain a bit north of Erlangen, but we only found the small town which it is nearby.  That ended up being better though because it was sooo hot and the sun so strong.  We ended up just walking around the little town and eating gelato. #noshame! Moving on to Erlangen, we came with the purpose of going to the Bergkirchweih (a summer festival something like a mini Oktoberfest). It ended up being so over crowded - I think every single student who studies in Erlangen was there - and that combined with the heat didn't make sticking around there for very long too attractive.  Instead we went to Nuremberg and chilled out at the so called "Sommer in der City", an artificial beach area set up in the center of the city and a nice place to be on a summer evening. Sunday and Monday were spent cooking, baking, jogging, biking, reading, studying German, and enjoying the sun while Mario studied for the majority of the day.  It was ok though because we still got to spend some time together and Mario's mom helped me with my German studying...she's definitely a teacher through and through :)

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small town wandering

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Sommer in der City

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Mario's kitty cat
Tuesday: After a long weekend it was back to German lessons on Tuesday morning.  After I got my kiddo from kindergarten we went to the swimming pool since it was the sort of weather where outdoor activities should probably revolve around water.  A bunch of friends from the kindergarten ended up being there as well, so the munchkins definitely had a good time.  One set of siblings there has a sister who is about my age so we got to hang out together as well.  Not only is she a total sweetie, but she also is studying to be a primary school teacher! I told her that next time she is home she should let me know so that we can hang out again :) In the evening we had an exciting occurrence when my host kid lost her 4th tooth! The tooth fairy isn't really a thing in Germany, but she was quick to put it in her special little box.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a fairly normal day.  It was hot again, but we played with the giant chess set in the park after kindergarten and got a treat from the supermarket on the way home.  The rest of the day was spent playing, but I truly enjoy the time spent with my host kiddo, so nothing to complain about there!

 Thursday: Thursday brought the end of German lessons for the week and it was definitely a fun class.  I love my class and all of the discussions we have and the unique perspectives we each bring from our lives. Today we got on the subject of how German men are really bad at flirting compared to in the rest of the world and the way that society has built up that norm over the years.  The irony of this conversation, though, is that while waiting to meet up with friends to watch the opening game of the World Cup I got to experience some of this German charm first hand. As I'm standing there listening to my Ipod and minding my own business, I guy comes up and says something to me in German.  I only heard about half of what he said, but gathered that he wanted to ask me something.  I didn't want to talk to him, so I told him in English that I didn't understand.  Unfortunately that didn't deter him and he repeated his opening line in English.  Having given him the go ahead to ask me a question he blurted out, "I was wondering if you would like to go out withe me". Uhhhh...what?!? I smiled politely and told him that I was meeting up with some people, but he was persistent.  "Not now, some other time," he offered.  I'm pretty sure I said something super awkward like, "I'm sorry, I don't think so, but thanks anyway" (yeah, I'm extra awkward in awkward situations) to which he replied "Okay, enjoy yourself, bye!" Bahaha! Can't wait to tell my German class about that on Monday!
The soccer game was fun to watch, but we were a bit disappointed to see Croatia lose to Brasil, especially considering some questionable calls by the referees.  I myself am not a huge soccer fan, but I'll most likely watch the Germany matches and especially the German vs USA match in a couple of weeks.

Since my German class is only Monday through Thursday I'm enjoying a quiet morning at home this morning until my little monkey comes home from an exciting morning at the dentist with Oma and Opa.  This weekend I will again not be in Munich (that makes ZERO weekends spent in Munich since arriving), but will be going on a little trip with my host family.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world! (Yay alliteration!)

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  1. That situation with that guy would be so awkward! Have a great weekend!