Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Month in Deutschland!

It's hard to call it my first month in Germany considering all of the time I've spent here in the past few years, but today marks one month since the beginning of my newest adventure here in Munich, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to wrapping up month one!

4 weeks of Deutschkurs

Today is the last day of my fourth week, but because of the public holidays in the past few weeks I get 3 more days tagged on next week. The school, Evolanguage, I would definitely recommend. The central location near the Hauptbahnhof makes it convenient for both those living in the center and coming from a bit outside. And while I've heard some complaints of organizational issues, I myself haven't experienced any and the teachers themselves are absolutely fantastic.  Not only are they good teachers, but they are fascinating human beings as well. 

Countless s-bahn commutes

And the strange occurrences that so often come with this aspect of my life.  Last Saturday morning when I was riding the train home there was a guy across the aisle snoring loud as can be.  I couldn't help myself from giggling a bit.

7 books read

I've been a reading away during my month here, as that is often how I spend those previously mentioned hours on the train. 

1 tooth lost

Little munchkin lost a top front tooth about a week ago and the second top front tooth is hanging on by just a thread!

Dozens of successful conversations in German

I finally feel like my German is at a level where I can hold my own and it feels so good!

Zero weekends spent in Munich

Weekends which have otherwise been spent on

          2 weekends in Hilpoltstein

          1 amazing long weekend in Berlin

          1 fun weekend at the beautiful Chiemsee with the best host family ever

Month one, you've been oh so good to me! 

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