Sunday, June 22, 2014

Castle Day!

Thursday was (once again) a public holiday here in Germany and after some plans fell through to take a day trip, I decided to make the best of the day and go on a little solo Munich castle tour.  

The first stop of the day was Schloss Nymphenburg, which is conventiently located on the route of the number 17 tram from Hauptbahnhof.  At the castle I was immediately impressed by the gardens and landscaping around the castle. Consequently I spent the first part of the morning exploring the gardens and also went into the Botanical gardens, where the lady at the ticket counter gave me the student discount, even though the sign said that it is only for students studying at German universities :) I bought an ice cream in the botanical garden because no outing of mine is complete without an ice cream. Eventually I went inside of the castle as well.  Even though a few of the rooms were clsoed for restoration I was still glad that I went inside to see the beautiful rooms with colorful painted ceilings and impressive chandeliers.

Schloss (Castle) Nymphenburg from the front

The castle was built from 1664 until 1675

Botanical Garden

Inside of the castle

The king had a gallary of pictures of women he considered the most beautiful

After castle number one I went back into the city and bought a few postcards to send to some friends back home and then wrote them up so that I could send them right away.  After I had written the postcards I met up with Mario and we had ice cream (another ice cream, no shame) at this place by his university that makes their own ice cream and ooohhh how yummy it was!! Another cool thing is that you pick one flavor to have a normal scoop of and then they also give you a mini scoop of a flavor you would like to try.  I had a regular scoop of coconut and  sample of chocolate and Mario had the opposite. We walked around a bit in the city and the crowded English Garden. When it was time for Mario to get back to studying I made my way to the ubahn to head to castle number 2 - Schloss Schleißheim!

Getting to castle number two was a little more complicated.  First of all, it is one stop past where my ticket is valid on the sbahn. I tried to bu a ticket which would be valid just from the last stop within my zone until the castle's stop, but the machine said I could only buy that ticket at it's point of departure.  In the end I decided to risk it for one stop and thankfully there was no ticket control during that ride.
During the week there is usually a bus which runs from the sbahn station to the castle, but because of the public holiday it wasn't running. The walk is only about 10-15 minutes and there are helpful signs directing visitors to the castle, so I made it to the castle without a problem.  

To be honest I was losing a little steam by the time I got to Schloss Schleißheim. It probably had a lot to do with my poor excuse for nutrition (coffee and ice cream diet) and the fact that my shoes were rubbing some nasty blisters on my feet. None the less I push on because I didn't want to waste my day of exploring.  I visited the inside of the castle, which, unlike Schloss Nymphenburg, doesn't have many original furnishings and has most of the rooms set up as displays of art with a short description of what the room would have been used for in the days of its use by the royalty. The garden area was also quite beautiful and I spent some time just sitting on a bench enjoying my surroundings and the quiet time by myself. 

                                                                                    Schloss Schleißheim



By the end of the day I was pretty tired out, but I was glad to have seen two more of Munich's ''must-sees''.  

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