Monday, June 9, 2014


A national holiday on Thursday and a bridge day on Friday meant that this lucky, lucky girl landed a four day weekend at the end of May! Even better, it just so happened to be my dear friend's last weekend in Berlin, so naturally a trip to Deutschland's capital city was in order!

Train tickets in Germany can be annoyingly expensive, so I was dreading a bit the idea of forking over 200 euros in transportation costs alone.  Browsing the internet, however, I came across bus tickets and was quick to snatch up those tickets for about 1/4 of the price and roughly the same travel time as the train.  Budget traveling for the win! The hostel where my friend was staying had plenty of open beds, so I scored a cheap, clean, and conveniently located place to stay as well!

I'm not even sure if I brought my camera out at all while in Berlin.  Sure, I snapped a few shots on my cell phone, but the thing about doing anything with my friend Ivana, is that I always know that she will take AMAZING photos. So, with her permission, this blog post will be filled with proof of her stunning and genius photo skillz.

And while you're at it, check out her photography website:

Better yet, book a photo session with Ivana Huang Photography sometime - I am sure that they will be the most beautiful photos you ever did see!

Arriving in Berlin I was initially a little overwhelmed by the relative complexity of the public transport compared to Munich and the overall stress of big city life combined with not being able to find Ivana (silly metro stops with a bajillion exits!), but once we had found each other it was all smiles from there! 


Currywurst mit Pommes

The first night in Berlin I slept in a room with random roommates and got to hear all sorts of strange snoring and generally odd noises coming from my roommates. I was super thankful when the girls told me that they had an extra bed in their room and that I could just move in with them! 

Friday morning I experienced the hostel's breakfast feast for the first time and was certainly not disappointed.  We tried to sit outside in the sun, but within minutes of moving ourselves outside the weather decided to change its mind and back indoors it was.

The few minutes which we were able to enjoy outside

After breakfast it was off to TU (Technische Universität) and later a coffee meetup with a friend of my friends.  The evening was spent eating at an Australian restaurant at Sony Center and generally just being tourists. Ivana and I talked about how much we like being tourists, when your only obligation is to take pictures, see the sights, eat good food, and absorb the atmosphere of a new and exciting place. And this is why travel is just oh so addicting!


Friends at Sony Center

They tried Spezi for the first time!
                                                                                             Ivana ate Kangaroo!

Jumping pic at Brandenburger Tor


Saturday we were up and out of the hostel by 6 AM for our day trip to Dresden! We were all fast asleep on the 2 hour train ride, which meant that the trip went by super quickly.  I was so glad that Ivana got to see a much more German city than Berlin.  She got to see even more ''real'' German life when our excursion out of Dresden went a little amiss and we ended up in the adorable little village of Königstein. 


Famous Mural 

Group pic with a view of the old town


Ivana is never shy about asking strangers to take pictures for us :)

Back in Berlin we spent one final evening in the city, complete with döner eating, of course, before my bus the next morning. Thankfully my bus wasn't too terribly early and we got to have breakfast together one last time.  Leaving Berlin was definitely hard.  Spending 3 days with a group of awesome girls forced me to think about my current lack of girl friends in Munich. The comfort of an old friend whom you know and who knows you so well is simply irreplaceable.  I'll be waiting for you in Munich, Ivana!!!


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