Thursday, June 5, 2014

A day in the life

As anyone who works with children knows, no two days are ever the same. None the less, here is an overview of what a day in the life of an Au pair looks like for me.

The time on my clock when I wake up begins with a 6 every morning during the week. There is something about Germany that has made me into something of an early bird. Usually I am awake before my host kid, but on the rare morning that she is awake before me, I'll be sure to know based on the strange animal noises outside of my room (toys, not real animals, of course). I'm usually not in charge of the morning dressing and grooming and such, but once in a while I'm on duty for that as well. Some mornings we are on our bikes and out the door just right away, while other mornings there is some playing and dawdling around before we head off to kindergarten on our bicycles. 

With my little one settled in at kindergarten I'm off to the city center for German lessons.  There are four of us in my current group, including an Italian, a Bosnian, and a doctor from Egypt, with whom I share coffee and girl talk during the break.  

After classes end I sometimes take a walk, run errands, or grab lunch in the city center, but most days I head straight back home.  I usually have at least a little time to grocery shop, tidy up, do laundry, or just relax a bit before it is time to pick up my little mouse from Kindergarten and take her to whichever activities she might have that day.

Other than that our days are filled with lots of playing, singing, dancing, and laughing.  She is such an adorable cutie with so much energy and not a care in the world. I can't even begin to list all of fun things we occupy ourselves with, but by the end of the day we are both covered in dirt and exhausted.

It's a good life! 

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