Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When you don't speak German...

Today I was at the grocery store, waiting in line to pay for groceries, when the guy in front of me left his cart to go grab something. The line was starting to move forward and he hadn't yet made it back, but I wasn't too worried. The lady behind me, however, obviously was. She also apparently didn't speak a word of German. She solved this predicament, none the less, by hitting me in the arm with the cucumber she was holding in one hand and frantically motioning me to move forward with the help of the juice bottle in her other hand.  At first i told her calmly in German that he must be coming back soon, but as the  pushing and waving got more frantic I resolved to just slide his cart to the side and move forward in the line. Oh yes, just another day in Deutschland!


  1. I love reading the adventures you have!! You are an amazing and inspirational young woman!

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