Sunday, March 30, 2014

When one door slams in your face...

I'm a planner. Maybe not when it comes to the spontaneous travel decision or my "why not?!" attitude of tagging along on adventures with friends, but concerning my life I crave a solid plan and thrive when I know that my next step is already planned out and set to go.

So that's why I had been planning away to set up the perfect scenario for my move to Germany in May.  But then sometimes those plans, made with the best intentions and cautious optimism, collapse at a moment's notice and life knocks you down hard, leaving you confused, upset, frustrated, and disappointed.

As I cried out those tears of confusion and frustration, the planning had to start again. And slowly I realized that as painful as it is to have a door slammed hard right in front of my face, there are other doors.  Other doors that are just as good or even better.  In the end, we can never know what is the "perfect" path for our lives.  It's both a blessing and a curse to have such a myriad of options.  But eventually you just have to make a choice, focus on all of the positive aspects of that choice, and then make the very best of it by working hard at it with all of your heart. Oh, and keep smiling!

I hope to have some exciting news to share within the next few days in regards to my next step in this beautifully wild adventure of life!

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