Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I haven't been the most dedicated runner lately.  I wish I was more dedicated to it (ooooh don't we all!) because I know how good some time out in the fresh air makes me feel.  Yesterday morning I didn't feel like sleeping in or maybe it was all of the hammering, clanging, clashing, and kabooming going on in the neighborhood as old buildings are renovated and new buildings are built.  It made me wonder how I possibly managed to sleep in the day before! In any case, I got my self out of bed and into my running shoes and set out for a morning run.  I'm super fortunate that the apartment isn't too far from the English Garden, Munich's enormously expansive and beautiful park. Getting to the park, however, meant dodging all sorts of rush hour cars, bikes, and pedestrians.  Maybe jogging during morning commute wasn't my smartest idea yet. I made it unscathed to the park and jogged for a while before heading back to the apartment to stretch a bit in the courtyard.  Looking at my ipod I realized that I'd gotten a whole hour of exercise in - yay! I may, however, have stopped to take a few pictures ;)

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English Garden

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Running path

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So green and sunshiny and peaceful!

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My oh so adult-like breakfast.  But hey, it's just so fun to put the little crunchy things in the yogurt  :)
I spent a good part of the afternoon in the city center and then when Mario got off work in the evening we met at the English Garden and had a picnic! Weather like this I could definitely get used to!

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