Sunday, March 2, 2014


I really got into the spirit of Maslenitsa this past week! Crepes (блины) flowed freely from my kitchen and were fed to my roommates, friends, and anyone I could convince to join me in the celebration of this glorious holiday.  I mean who doesn't love a week-long holiday dedicated to the eating of pancakes?!?!  If you don't know what Maslenitsa is, Wikipedia can give you a good overview and you can check out my posts from the last two years (here and here).

And now, here are some pictures from this year's festivities!
первый блин комом!


Singing частушки (limericks) at REEI Maslenitsa!

I played and ran around with and had all sorts of silly fun with these little cuties!

In our Ukrainian and Belarussian attire

I wonder how I'll be celebrating Maslenitsa next year? Well, if nothing else, I can at least count on a big stack of блины fried up in my own kitchen :)

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  1. Your blinchiki look great, Chelsea!! : )

    Not much went on here this year... the usual big gathering in Freedom Square didn't seem to happen but there a few big decorations were put up. Tonight we went out to a restaurant on Pushkin street and they urged us to have blini, saying today was our last chance to do so because it was the last day of the holiday.