Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back in America!

Well, I'm back! It was an excellent spring break in Germany which ended all too soon! 

There are a few strange things that always happen to me when I'm fresh back from Europe which seem not to go away no matter how many times I jump back and forth across the pond.

1) Being surprised to hear English
Sitting in the airport waiting for my domestic connection I found myself snapping my head to the side to look where that American English was coming from more than once - oh, right, we're in America now...

2) Paying for stuff
While abroad I pay with cash 99% of the time, so I find myself thinking upon arrival, "Do I have any hard currency?".  Oh, that's right, I can just use my debit card to buy that overpriced airport snack!

3) Using my phone
While abroad, communicating with the outside world is a constant game of find the free WiFi.  So when I get back to the US and can simply call or text my friends I sometimes forget that it is that easy.

4) Do I need a converter for that?
Yeah, something like that...
photo credit
5) And, of course, the jet lag.
Wide awake at 6 AM checking and writing emails. Finally resolve to get out of bed and start the day.  Exhausted by 8 PM. Yep, that's how it goes!

Goodbyes are never fun, but to keep things positive, here are a few things I'm looking forward to in the 49 days until I head back to my favorite German fellow.

1) Finishing my Capstone thesis
I have quite the love-hate relationship with this capstone thesis, but hopefully I will feel proud when it is all said and done.

2) Graduation

Throwback to high school graduation with my best friend and the best Russian teacher ever!

3) Spring days in Bloomington
It's about to get really beautiful around here (if winter EVER goes away, that is!) and I can't wait for the long walks and afternoons spent studying outside!

photo credit
4) Packing up my life
Ask me about this again when I'm trying to zip my overflowing suitcase full, but for now the idea of carefully sorting, organizing, and folding up my things for the big move across the pond sounds pretty exciting. 

Bring on the last 7 weeks as an undergrad!!!


  1. Happy Spring, Chelsea! Hope the next few weeks go well for you : )

    1. Happy Spring to you too! From your posts it looks like spring is much more beautiful in Kharkov right now than it is here! Keep enjoying that beautiful warmth and sunshine!