Sunday, March 16, 2014

A trip to Lindau and a run-in with the German police

Friday morning I made it safe and sound to Munich! The flight over was rather empty, making it extremely comfortable for me and my fellow passengers, but not so comfortable for US Airway's budget I assume.  Friday was spent relaxing as the day after a trans-Atlantic flight (and the first day of my spring break, might I add) should be and enjoying the beautifully warm and sunny day.

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Minion likes riding the S-bahn into the city!

By Saturday morning, however, it was time for the next adventure to begin! Saturday morning we were on a train to Lindau, Germany for a quick little getaway.  Once we had arrived in Lindau we found our hotel pretty easily, dropped off our things, and then ate a doner before heading out on a walk.

Lindau Harbor 

Lindau Harbor

Street near the harbor in Lindau
Lindau's location is unique because it is near the Bodensee, a large lake bordering on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Thanks to that convenient location we found ourselves in Bregenz, Austria after not too long and then onward to St. Gallen, Switzerland.  Nothing says Europe quite like 3 countries in one day!

We found the "real Red Square" in St. Gallen!

After a long day of walking around and exploring the evening was spent sipping wine and watching TV - some always appreciated relaxation! I slept like a rock and felt really refreshed in the morning. After checking out of the hotel we walked to the train station and found out that we didn't have too long to wait until a train which would go directly to Munich (yay for no connections!). 

I read for a bit before I decided to lay my head back and rest.  I had just dosed off when I was abruptly woken by a visit from the German police. In my still half-asleep state I didn't get what was going on and Mario had to tell me that they were asking to see our IDs.  I handed them my driver's license and they closed the compartment door to take a look at our documents. After a few minutes they opened the door and asked me if I had my passport.  I told them that it was at home in Munich (I had decided not to take it with me on the trip to Lindau because I didn't think I would need it for anything).  Well, let's just say that was not the answer they were looking for.  I know that in Ukraine and especially Russia that you are supposed to keep your passport on you at all times, but I've never been told that about Germany.  I had a photo copy of my passport that I keep with me at all times, but I think what they really wanted to verify was that I hadn't overstayed my 90 days in Germany (nope, just got here!).  In the end the police were nice and simply told me to make sure I have it with me next time.  Phew! Lesson learned, I guess! 

That little encounter led to our train neighbor asking where I was from and us finding out that he was from Georgia.  We told him about our trip to Georgia last year and I could tell that he was happy to hear that we enjoyed our trip to his homeland.  

The rest of the trip passed uneventfully.  When we got back to Munich we decided to walk home instead of take the u-bahn and had a nice afternoon walk despite the lack of sunshine.  I'm assuming the rest of the day will be spent fairly chilled out, but that's just fine with me :)

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