Saturday, February 1, 2014

A January Recap

I looked at my planner this morning and WOAH! January has just come and gone! 2014 is 1/12 complete. Sooo, here's my little January wrap up.


There was a lot to celebrate this month. It began with one heck of a ring-in in Prague, followed shortly by my birthday.We celebrated the birth of our newest family member and my cutie little sister celebrated the start of braces.


Spring semester kicked off about halfway through January and I'm really loving it. I'm taking an all-time low of 12 credit hours, which gives me enough time to really give my 100% best effort in all of my work, commit to my extracurricular activities without feeling overwhelmed, and to have time still left over to enjoy my last semester with dear friends. Like tonight, for example, when I came home from a productive day on campus and the evening turned into brownies, ice cream, "Love Actually", and some always-valued girl-time.

I'm writing my senior capstone thesis, which means that my desk is piled high with books.

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In addition, I've got tap dance and guitar lessons twice a week with the coolest freshman year roommate ever.

Way way back when we were wee little freshmen!
I would say that I'm doing second semester senior year right!


About a week and a half go I booked flights to Munich for spring break. Yippee!

There's an even bigger trip to Munich planned for two months later, as I make the post-graduation move to Germany. And while many plans are still left to be solidified, it's all so incredibly exciting! I've already started to contemplate the logistics of moving my worldly possessions across the pond. What'll stay, what'll go, and how it will all get there. Hopefully my packing skills won't fail me!

My freshman-year roommate (my tap dancing and guitar sidekick) and awesome friend is applying for a summer program in Berlin, so we're already planning a meet-up in Germany!

I would be lying if I said that Mario and I aren't already planning our winter break travels for NEXT year...we've got a couple of hopeless cases of wanderlust!

January flew right by in bulky coats, warm hats, shivering at the bus stop, nights wrapped in blankies, and many a cup of hot tea.  My heart was happy in January and I am thankful for a month filled with so many blessings.

I hope that January treated you well and that even more joy awaits you in February!

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