Friday, January 10, 2014

Curly Hair!

Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt better instead of worse.  Ever since we got back to Munich on the 2nd I have been fighting what started off as what seemed to be a harmless little cold to an entire day spent in bed with hot tea and tissues.
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Note on the white board when I woke up one morning
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sick, sick, sick

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Milka hearts from the Mario to "make me feel better" :)
In the morning I was still feeling pretty bad when I woke up, but decided that I would "make" myself get better.  I put on real clothes for the first time in probably 36 hours and left the apartment in the early afternoon.  I went to Rossman, which is basically Germany's version of CVS, accept you can't actually get a prescription filled there.  My main goal was to by some more Heisse Zitrone, but I couldn't resist taking a peak at the hair accessories section to see if there just so happened to be a curling over there that I might be interested in purchasing.  You see, I realized recently that in my almost 22 years of life I have never once actually owned a curling iron. I suppose I credit that to growing up with a mama who curled her own hair every single day and a sister and multiple friends in show choirs.  There was just always someone else's curling iron around to use. On top of that, my stick-straight hair requires an awful lot of attention to do anything that even slightly resembles curls.  Well, to my surprise and delight there just so happened to be a curling iron on the shelf with the attractive low price of just 9.99! The last time I had a look at curling irons in the US I'm pretty sure they were more expensive than that. Plus this one had the barrel size I was looking for and came with a heat resistant storage bag.  So on an impulse I bought it! I grabbed a bottle of hairspray before heading to the check out and left the store happy with my purchases.  I was even more happy with my purchases a little while later at home when I sat down in front of the mirror and curled my hair for the first time in ages! They weren't my best curls, but they turned out not too bad and, more importantly, curling my hair put me in a good mood.
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My new curling iron :)

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The other pictures were too blurry, but here's at least one side of the curls
In the evening I met Mario at uni and a group of us ordered pizza for (almost) free - it would have been completely free if we hadn't made a small mistake - thanks to a university friend who works as a promoter for an online pizza ordering company.  Get paid to order free pizza for people? Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me! Mario was surprised by my curly hair and I think he liked it :) After pizza dinner he studied at the university for a little while longer and then we spent the rest of the night together at home watching episodes of The Daily Show and just hanging out.

Unfortunately I don't feel any better than yesterday today, but at least I don't feel any worse.  I'll probably spend most of the day relaxing - maybe go into the city center a bit - but I really want to get back to full health to 1) celebrate my birthday this weekend!! and 2) be back in good health for the flight home/beginning of the semester.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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