Monday, December 30, 2013

Back in Germany!

After all of the presents had been upwrapped on Christmas morning, I still had one more present waiting for me - my trip to Germany!! My grandparents met us at the airport and I had quite a nice send-off! I got through security and onto the plane without any troubles, but when we had all settled in and the anouncement came on that the plane would need some de-icing, I became a bit worried. My scheduled layover in Atlanta was a close one anyway, so any delay at all was not going to do me any good.  When we landed in Atlanta the flight crew made an announcement to let those with close layovers off first.  Once I got off the plane I realized that another girl was also trying to catch the flight to Munich and we proceeded to sprint through the airport together! We made it - just barely, but sure was I thankful not to have missed that flight! The flight went by smoothly enough, although I would have preferred to have gotten some sleep. Instead I watch several movies and listened to quite a bit of music, passing the hours in great anticipation.

Once we landed it Munich it became clear that our suitcases had not made it through the airport quickly enough to join us on the journey across the Atlantic. So after filling out some forms and saying goodbye to my new Austrian aquaintance I was finally able to cross through the arrival doors and give Mario a big long hug!

Back in Hilpoltstein I got to open some presents from Mario's parents that were just perfect! They gifted me a coat, scarf and hat all of which were my favorite color - purple!! I felt bad that I couldn't give them their presents right away, seeing as they were all in my suitcase which was still in Atlanta, but they didn't seem to mind. I went upstairs to lie down for a bit, but that inevitably led to a little snooze and I was out for about 2 hours! Even with that nap, however, it was an early bedtime for both Mario and I Thursday night.  The fact that I didn't sleep on the plane messed with my perception of time. As a result, it didn't feel like the 26th on Thursday, but rather one extremely long Christmas day!

By Friday I was starting to feel back to normal and even went for a morning jog with Mario.  In the afternoon we made a spontaneous trip to a lake and had a nice late afternoon/early evening walk.  By the time we got home my suitcase had arrived - yay!! - and I was ecstatic to finally change my clothes! At night we ate at a Chinese restaurant with friends and then headed to Nuremberg to continue the fun until late in the night.

Due to our late night, Satruday was spent sleeping-in and generally being a little bit lazy. We tried to make up for that, however, with an adventure to Strasbourg, France on Sunday.  As with most of our trips, our decision to go there was entirely spontaneous.  When we got there, however, we were met with an awesome surpise! The town was filled with Christmas lights on nearly every street. Christmas markets both big and small were scattered throughout the city and signs proclaimed that the city was ''the capital of Christmas''! We spent the day walking, looking around, taking pictures, and eating lots of yummy treats! It made for the loveliest of days, in which I almost constantly had a smile on my face! The day ended with a Skype call to my mom and a movie!

Today was another relaxing day with a trip to the Rothsee after lunch for a nice long walk. We'll probably spend the rest of the day relaxing, as tomorrow we set out for a New Year's Eve celebration in Prague!!

I'll leave you with some pictures!

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