Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Baby Shower!

This weekend I had the joy of coming home for a whirlwind weekend of wonderful family time! All three sisters were home for a few days of fun, something that doesn't happen much these days with the three of us in three different cities.  Saturday we were up early running errands and preparing for Elizabeth's beautiful baby shower. The afternoon spent celebrating Baby David's impending arrival was definitely a fun! At the beginning of the shower it was declared that the use of the word "Baby" was forbidden, as part of a game we would be playing throughout the shower.  Any gal who uttered the prohibited word would have to give up her pin to whoever caught her in the act.  Whoever had the most pins at the end of the shower won - such silliness! Other highlights of the shower included yummy treats and watching Elizabeth open many thoughtful gifts for David.  I can't wait to hold little David in January!!

Some of the goodies!

It's a boy!


So many thoughtful gifts! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Catching up

This weekend I had the chance to catch up on a few things I was really missing during my 15 months abroad. The first was Avers spinach pizza. Ever since freshman year way back when we lived in the dorms, my friend Chelsea and I have had a tradition. Whenever we needed a girls night, pizza, breadsticks, and soda were accompanied by hours if girl talk and some sort of girly TV or movie. With both of us being overseas, nearly a year and a half had passed since our last spinach pizza date. So, when the doorbell rang around 8:30 PM, we couldn't wait to get our hands on that pizza. Pizza like Avers, with thick crust and plenty of cheese, just doesn't exist in most of eastern Europe. I remember times in Ukraine when my roommates and I would talk about the foods we missed from back home and pizza was always at the top of my list! Friday night's pizza definitely didn't disappoint!

Saturday afternoon, after leading a Borsch-making event at the Global Village (yummmm) I headed to the stadium for another Bloomington exclusive - IU football.  I'm not much of a sports fan, but there is something about cheering on your uni's team on a beautiful brisk fall day with family and friends that just makes my heart happy.  And while IU may have lost and while I may have been shivering from head to toe by the end of the game, it was worth every second of it!
Chelsea and Chelsea :)

Watching the game with my mama
No game is complete without some tasty kettle corn!
Four years of friendship))

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did and caught up on some things you love!