Tuesday, September 24, 2013

American Adventures

A little over two weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday evening, my mom, sis, and I made the drive up to O'hare airport in Chicago.  On the trip home there were four of us in the car, having picked up a very special guest...Mario!!

Фотография: Welcome to America, Mario! We're so glad to finally meet you in person! 󾌸
104 days later! Reunited in the airport.

Everyone was hungry for a little something, but we wanted to keep it quick, so we let Mario make the decision and he chose to have his first meal in America at Taco Bell.  It was his first time at Taco Bell and many jokes were made about the "real Mexican food" served there. Overall, Taco Bello won his approval for tasty, cheap, fake Mexican food :)

The next Thursday we took a spontaneous day trip to Indianapolis and after dodging the rain on our walk around downtown, met my grandparents for a delicious lunch at Olive Garden.   Soup, salad, and bread sticks was the lunch of choice for us all and everyone left with full bellies! I got to show Mario my grandparents' beautiful house where I have spent so much happy family time over the past 21 years.  My grandparents shared stories with us about their trip to Alaska by car and we looked through several photo albums.  We left in the late afternoon and were home in time for my evening class - what a wonderful day! 

Along the canal with downtown in the background

The weekend meant a trip home to Lafayette. Friday night when we got into town we met my mom and sister + family for dinner at Texas Road House - home of country music, delicious rolls, and all the peanuts you can eat, the shells of which you are free to throw on the floor. Little Logan was amused to meet someone sharing the name of one of his favorite video game characters, but let us know that he "wanted his name to be Luigi!" haha!  Saturday we woke up to delicious cinnamon rolls and then took the "special Lafayette city tour", complete with a banana car sighting! :) Another American thing Mario has come to love is cheap drinks from the gas station.  With the hot weather we've been having, a cold drink for a mere 79 cents isn't too shabby. A former exchange student and my Chinese brother was in town for a visit with his girlfriend and we all enjoyed a nice late lunch of lasagna together.  In the evening Mario got to experience high school marching band for the first time and also see the inside of my high school.  Night time called for a fire in the backyard until it was time to call it a day.  Sunday we went to church and then relaxed at home (the boys were watching football, but I was mostly just napping) until it was time to drive back down to Bloomington.  

The next week I was busy with school and we spent our days in Bloomington.  On Friday night a friend came to Bloomington and we hit up the student union for a free showing of Monsters University.  The next day was a home game, so Mario got the American college football complete experience.  And although IU lost, it was one heck of a super fun day! Hopefully we'll get to another game before Mario must head back to Germany.  

This week was off to a fun start with a German Club game night on Monday.  As I write this Mario is on his way to the airport to meet another German friend who is coming to stay for a little while. Many more adventures are to be had soon, I am most certain! :)