Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The best way to spend 9 hours and 30 euros

During our early morning chats, the topic of a trip to a national park outside of Tallinn cameup. I was interested in joining, but figured I would join the trip later in the week and spend my first full day exploring the city itself. But for whatever reason, probably mostly because I was afraid the trip might nit have enough people later in the week, I decided to switch up my plans and spend Sunday in nature. We had the most perfect weather for the trip and enjoyed sunshine and warm temperatures the entire day. Our first stop was a waterfall where we were even able to walk along the top. After the waterfall we made our wayto the park itself. A walk through the bogs ended in a field full of blueberries, were we turned our hands and mouths blue munching on those delicious berries. Even though we had our snack of berries, we were getting hungry and were happy that lunch was our next stop. We ate a delicious lunch at a cute little Estonian restaurant, which has been working already for over a hundred years. After lunch we drove to an old Estonian estate which as been restored into something thelikes of a country club. The highlight of that stop was playing on the giant traditional Estonian swing. And just in case we werent having enough fun yet, we drove to the sea and had a swim! After drying off in the sun and eating an ice cream, we made our way to the last stop of the day. Our guide led us past the signs warning us not to enter to an abandoned Soviet submarine base. It's unknown what actually took place at this base, but the mystery added to the intrigue of the place. After a walk around checking out the premesis and making our own speculations about what took place there, we were once again on our way back to Tallinn. I can't wait until I have a better internet connection and can post pictures from this day. Better yet, I advise all of you to head to Estonia someday anc make this trek on your own!
Back in Tallinn the three of us went to eat giant, delicious pancakes. Back at the hostel another night of fun started which eventually found us at a bar in the style of  labortatory. The bar featured shots with strange names served in test tubes and names like detonation and radiation. Although we were home before three, I quickly passed out on the common room sofa. Thankfully my friend was kind enough to wake me up and send me to bed and another day of Tallinn adventures came to an end.

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