Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Old Town and a bike tour

Monday morning was a bit rough after Sunday night's excitement, so thankfullynoir first activity of the day was the noon walking tour of Old Town. Our guide was fun and we learned a lot about the city's history. After the tour our gang of three decided to rent bikes and take a nice bike trip outside of the city center. We biked along the coast to the open air folk architecture museum where we saw old Estonian dwellings and even played dress-up. We took a different route on the return trip and had been adventuring for nearly four houra by the time we returned the bikes. Since we hadn't eaten since the morning we were all quite hungry amd therefore ate way too much pizza back in the center. We needed a good long walk after so mich dinner amd stopped into a cute little cafe for a coffee as well. We hung out in our hostel for a bit after that, but when they all went out for the night we went for another walk before going to our friend's hostel to sit on the balcony and chat for a couple of hours until we were too cold. Back at the hostel we spent our final early morning houra of chatting in the common room and were glad to have a relatively "early" bedtime. 

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