Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've been back at my Russian home for just over a week now and in two short weeks I'm headed back to my American home! The return home is a whole other bag of emotions, but I'll write about that some other time. Being back has been great! I feel even more comfortable here than ever, knowing the way things work and having quite the large number of kiddos whom I know quite well. Lessons are going well, but a shortage of classrooms has left us to study in some rather interesting places. I actually find it quite nice though, sitting with the kids in a circle in a random room or studying in the open air on the rare day with nice weather. It's nice to teach from "nothing" sometimes (i.e. no paper, chalk boards, or computers, just our words and our minds).
Informal lessons are also an awesome part of my days here. Today I had left thr building to get some fresh air after one of my lessons was moved to the evening. No sooner had I walked out the door and a handfull of little ones was running at me with open arms yelling, "Chelsea! Chelsea!". After a big group hug, they started up with a chorus of requests to teach them something in English. So we moved to a couple of benches nearby and I asked them if they could write in English. They all shook their heads no and with that, our alphabet lesson began. I quickly handed out some paper and pens and I could hardly write the next letter fast enough for those eager little munchkins to copy down carefully with pride. After we had gotten through the alphabet we learned some simple English words until it was time for us all to go eat lunch. It's moments like that, which i will always remember from this very special summer!

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