Saturday, July 13, 2013

A much overdue update!

Hello from the bus to Tallinn, Estonia! Yay for free wifi and mobile internet! the second session of camp flew by faster than the first session even, if that is even possible))  The last day of classes was sad, as it always is. There were lots of pictures to be taken, lots of hugs to be given and received, and promises to write each other on VK. "You're coming back next year, right?" they eagerly asked. Maybe kiddos. Maybe I just will come back next summer. But we'll see how life plays that one out :)
The last day of lessons I like to plan some fun review games to go over our material from the session and maybe even an American cartoon if the internet cooperates. The 1st and 2nd groups were all the way on board with this plan. twhird group, however, had another plan for how to spend the last day. When they asked me what we would be doing today, I gave them the rundown of my esson plan. They then looked at each other with smiles and shyly asked if we could review the verb tenses, passive voice, and the various uses of the verb "to get". I was a bit taken aback, but agreed all the same. I'll never say no to an eager bunch of learners! Even though I'm a native speaker of English (or perhapsmore appropriately BECAUSE I am a native speaker of English I rarely think about the verb tenses or other grammmar points, ot to mention how to explain them to english language learners. So I turned on my thinking cap, took a few seconds to gather my thoughts, and dove in! I would say that it went swimmingly all things considered! and then, as a fun last ten minutes of class we watched a couple of funny videos on Youtube. It's so awesome that they are starting to get English humor.
This session of camp the average age of my students was higher than last session. So while there were fewer games of tag and hide and seek, there were a lot more meaningful conversations about life, politics, interesta, and just day to day stuff. The kids opened jp to me about anything and everything. Whether it was coming to me for a hug and to vemt about boyfriend problems, my pupil who asked me to check her spelling and grammar in the personal diary she kept in English, or the never ending jokes and "magic" that the boys were always eager to amuse me with. Of course, I always played along, laughing hard at their corny jokes and being "unbelievably stunned" at their magician's skills.
This session I also got to lead a few hikes to the lake with the kiddos. This made them to envy of the other camp groups and were late afternoons happily spent together. It was on oir first hike that the girls wanted to know all about my boyfriend, whose name they first ,isheard as "Maria". So the rest of the camp we shared the inside joke about Chelsea 's boyfriend Maria))) While in the woods we always picked blueberres, even though it's techniczlly not allowed and then hid our blue-stained hands and mouths upon our return tocamp. One of the counselors for my group this time spoke German and a bit of Englisj, so we had fun communicating in a trio of languages. I spent both of my Sundays off this session in Saint Petersburg and I think the trips into the city definitelh gave me some extra energy for teaching the other 6 days of theweek.
So what else can be said? It was another fantastic session of camp filled with more memories than I could ever record all in this blog. So I'll just store them away in my mind to smile about when I'm missing camp in a couple of months' time.
Hopefully a retelling of my Tallinn trip will make it to the blog shortly after the trip!

less than one month until I go to the USA!!


  1. Congrats on a successful summer at camp! : ) Have fun in Estonia!

  2. Thanks! I still have one more session of teaching to go, but I sure it will be another three great weeks :-)

  3. And congrats to you on your new apartment! It looks great!