Friday, June 14, 2013

Yesterday was overall a good day, but it definitely had its frustrating moments.  The first frustration was one that has been accumulating for a while now.  You see, every morning I give the camp counselors a schedule of English lessons for the day.  I also give each student a small piece of paper with their group number and the time of the lesson or lessons for that day written on it.  Yet, every time I come to collect the kids I’m met with, “Oh, we have English now?” from at least one pupil, if not the entire group.  Then everyone from the group must be hunted down, told to get their class materials, and gathered in one place to walk over to the building where our lessons are.  I am doing the counselors a HUGE favor by coming to collect the kids instead of making them bring the kids to me.  You’d think the least they could do is have the kids ready when I pick them up. Or, maybe the kids could take a TINY bit of personal responsibility and get themselves ready for the lessons.  Of course, there are some pupils who are almost always ready and waiting for me, but I think next session being the helpful one might just have to go and the counselors will just have to do their jobs and bring the students to me.  Next session I will have more than double the number of students I have now and I would end up having to schedule an hour between each lesson just for rounding everybody up.  The second frustration also had to do with the scheduling of English classes.  In the morning I was begged, “Please Chelsea! Can you move the second group’s lesson until after snack? They have a football match this morning and Misha is our only hope to win.”  “And there’s nothing scheduled after snack?” I asked.  “No, nothing at all.” So I agreed, even though it was just a football match and not an obligatory camp activity only to be met after snack with cries of, “No, we can’t go to English now! We have our second match at six o’clock!”  And at that point there were no more hours in the day to reschedule, as there was a concert after dinner and then bedtime for the kids. So, that left them with a double session of lessons today, which is rough on them and not exactly easy for me either.  Thankfully double session actually happened today and their wasn't another scheduling conflict because then we really would have been in a pickle! Frustration number three was more of an unfortunate event then a frustration.  After dinner as I was coming back to my room my stomach started to feel awfully funny.  No sooner had a come into my room and shut the door when I knew that my supper was definitely on its way back up.  I very quickly had to decide between the floor and the sink, the latter winning (or losing) out as the destination for my partially digested meal.  After that unpleasant moment my stomach felt 100% better, but none the less did I have a sink full of vomit to clean up.  Oy vey!
On a positive note, the concert was a lot of fun (more of a talent show, really) and in the evening I got to Skype with Mario a little bit, even if the connection was being very Russian (translation – oh yes! of course the internet works! you just might have to stand on your head exactly three meters from the router while holding your computer perpendicular to the ground…but don’t worry, it works!).

Today after teaching I went to the train station to buy tickets to go into the city tomorrow.  It turns out that I wouldn't have actually had to buy them a day early, but at least now I have my ticket there and back. It’s an open ticket, so I can choose how long I want to stay in Petersburg once I get there.  I’m not sure how the weather will be, but I think it will be nice to get away from camp a little bit none the less.  Today was the tenth day of lessons, which means that I’m 2/3 of the way done with the first session of teaching and that 2/9 of my summer teaching have already flown by! At this rate I’ll be on that plane back to the States in the blink of an eye! 

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