Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 20th or the last day of first session

Today was the last day of lessons for the first group! So crazy! Three weeks have flown by in a blink of the eye.  You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! J It definitely wasn’t all play and no work, but the hours I spent preparing lessons were enjoyable and teaching 6 lessons per day turned out to feel like nothing at all.
Since today was the last day of lessons, we had a bit of fun! Second and third groups had their lesson together so that everyone could be done before lunch and no one would have to have lessons during quiet hour.  I gave each group a small piece of poster paper and markers and told them to work together to make a poster of their camp memories. In the first group we drew names from a hat and one of the pupils got to take it home. That caused a little bit of drama, as one of the girls started loudly whining that it wasn’t fair and that she was going to mark big black Xs all over the poster if she wasn’t the one to get to take it home, but I calmed her down and told her that that wouldn’t be a kind thing to do at all and that she should take a picture of the poster on her phone.  In the second and third groups they decided that the poster was a present for me.
After the poster was finished we played a review board game which I made for them and in the first group we even had time to watch some Mickey Mouse.  I surprised both groups with some candies and we had a chilled-out last day.  At the end of the lesson we, of course, had to take photos together.  They made me promise that I would put the pictures on vkontakte and there were hugs upon hugs all around! It’s hard not to get attached to a group of kiddos that you spend so many hours with each day, who constantly tell you that they love you and will great you with “Hello!” every chance that they get.
It was strange not to have any lessons after lunch, but it was a nice chance for me to relax and get most of my stuff packed up for my trip to Riga tomorrow morning.   In the evening was another camp disco, so I promised the kids that I would make an appearance.  Most of the group didn’t stay too long for whatever reason, maybe they were bored, but a few of the girls and I held out until the very last song.  So much dancing and so much silly – it was great! After the disco it was a blur of good-byes and hugs and writing on everyone’s camp t-shirts, all while racing the clock until the administration came by to check that everyone was in their beds at lights-out time.  Of course, the kids would certainly be getting out of bed and goofy around long into the night after the administration left, but they still had to make it look like they were good little campers going to bed on time. 

After the kids were in for the night some friends and I went to the lake which is not too far from the camp. One of the boys was crazy enough to swim in the cold cold water, but the rest of us stayed on the shore, chatting, listening to some guitar playing, and swatting mosquitos.  Thanks to the white nights we could spend quite a while outside and called it a night (not without getting rather lost on the way back to camp) a little after 2 AM.  Nevermind that I had to wake up in just a few short hours – it was the best way to end my first session of camp! 

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