Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday, May 31

Friday was a day full of adventure.  I woke up in the morning and after grabbing a bulochka and coffee from the sweetest Uzbek woman was on my way to Petergof! I didn’t want to take a guided excursion there because they are way expensive and it’s rather annoying to have to do what your guide is telling you to do all day, so I took the metro and then a marshrutka to get there.  I was a little bit worried about finding the marshrutka and then getting off at the right stop and everything, but it all came together perfectly.  At Petergof itself I spent about 4 hours checking everything out. It’s unbelievably beautiful there and it was a perfect day for a visit. It was very crowded with tourists and I eavesdropped on what several guides were telling their groups about the different parts of the territory.  I took some time to sit by the beach for a bit, as Petergof is located along the Finnish Bay. Going to Petergof is definitely very touristy, but there’s not a thing wrong with touristy when the destination is stunningly beautiful and an important part of the country’s history!

When I got back to Saint Petersburg it was almost 5 PM and my stomach was really letting me know that a bulochka in the morning wasn’t going to cut it.  I got a few things from the grocery store on the way home and then relaxed at the apartment for a bit.  In the evening I met up with two of the girls who teach here in Peter and had some much needed social interaction.  A while after we had already been there, some English-speaking businessmen turned up at the café where we were. Helping them order some beers in Russian turned into joining our tables together and we had a lot of good laughs and chatting with them.  At the end of the evening they insisted on covering the entire bill.  We felt a little uncomfortable letting them do that, but they insisted that it was in exchange for helping them order and giving them some St. Petersburg advice, so eventually we just decided to be sure they knew that we appreciated their kindness and let them pick up the tab. I took a taxi home to make it back to the main island before all of the bridges went up and called it a night! 


  1. Thanks for more postings, Chelsea! I always enjoy reading about your adventures. Now, seriously? There are bridges into the city that they put up at night? I did not know this about St. Petersburg. Very interesting, indeed, unless, of course, I am totally misunderstanding something. Enlighten me, please.

  2. Yep! St. Petersburg is a port city, but most of the bridges are too low for cargo ships to come in. So, to solve this, they open up the bridges between the islands for a period of time in the night to let the cargo ships come in. Not the most convenient situation, in my opinion, but I guess those living in Peter just get used to it. :)


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