Friday, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, May 29

Wednesday I slept in a little and then headed out for a free walking tour of St. Petersburg.  It was one of the less popular groups which offer free tours, so there were only three of us – me and a girl and a boy from Holland.  They were on an extended travel adventure which was finally nearing an end.  The tour covered a lot and it was nice to hear information about the different sites around the city.  Our guide himself was an interesting character.  He told us that he has already been jailed two different times for two weeks each time for participating in protests which the government didn’t approve of. He had some pretty strong words to say about Putin and friends.  After the walking tour I found something to eat and then went to the school for a while.  In the evening I bought a USB modem so that I will have a little internet this summer – yippee!! Then I dropped off my stuff at the apartment and went for a boat tour of the canals and the Neva. It’s a tourist must in St. Petersburg and it was nice to see everything in the evening light.  When I got home I was worn out from a long day and fell asleep much sooner than I had planned on sleeping.  I would definitely count today as a success!! I got to see a lot more of St. Petersburg and the weather is still amazing! 

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