Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30

Today wasn’t much of a sight-seeing day, but because of that I got a lot done.  In the morning I headed out to buy a few things, including a plug-in to help keep the mosquitos away from my room at night when I move to the camp on Monday! Then, after lunch, I was basically at the school the rest of the day.  I observed a class, copied more supplementary materials (there won’t be a photocopier or printer at the camp), and did some lesson planning.  I figure the first week of camp will be a bit hectic, so the more lessons I can plan before I leave the city, the better.  I got to talk to a few more of the teachers today, which was nice. It can get lonely in a big city with limited social interaction.  Once I get to the camp I hope to make friends with the camp counselors who will be about the same age as me and I will be interacting with the kids all day long. J Pretty late at night, finally getting my modem and computer to cooperate, I had the treat of a skype call with Mario.  The video didn’t work, but it was nice to actually talk instead of just writing messages.   We talked for about an hour, and even though I’m trying to limit how much I use my modem, it was 100% worth it.  Around 2:30 I finally hit the sack, as they say, and day three in Peter was complete.  

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