Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shashlik Party!

May Day, International Workers' Day, Labor Day - No matter what you call it, it meant only one thing - fun with friends! Wednesday morning we all got up and went to the store together to get everything we needed and then headed out of town by taxi to the place of the picnic.  It was admittedly rather difficult to find, but it ended up being the perfect place for a day of picnic fun.  There were quite a few people there, most of whom we already knew, so it was a fun afternoon of catching up with friends and making a few new ones.  We were right along the river, so we could wade in up to our knees to cool off when the sun got too warm.  A whollle lotta meat was grilled and while it smelled delicious, I kindly declined as I'm currently entering week three of my no meat eating.  It wouldn't be a Slavic gathering without a guitar, harmonica, and accordion, so we listened to some of our friends play and sing.  We took long barefooted walks, chatting with friends, and came upon some cows happily munching on their grass.  A group of us went out to the field to play ultimate frisbee two different times in the evening when the sun wasn't quite so hot.  It felt good to be running around and breathing in all that clean, fresh air. When the sun went down and we all started to get a bit chilly we packed everything up and called taxis home. That day was exactly what I needed! Such a fun day with such wonderful people.
The only downside - on the way home a migraine came on fast and hard.  I went straight to my cool, dark room as soon as we go home and spent the rest of the night willing that nausea inducing, head-bounding monster away.  At least it started after the picnic!



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