Monday, May 6, 2013

Saturday, May 4th

On Saturday I woke up pretty early and spent the morning reading, drinking tea, packing, and baking two loaves of banana bread. That gas oven always gives me a bit of trouble, but both loaves actually came out quite well! In the afternoon I went to the orphanage for one last time before I have to leave Ukraine.  As usual  I brought my little artists sidewalk chalk and they got right to work on their little sidewalk masterpieces. One little boy, Denis, latched on to me right away when I got there.  Normally I try to play with a big group of kids, but Denis just wanted some personal attention, so we walked to a bench under some trees away from most of the kids and had a nice long chat.  He told me about his brother, who is too old to live in the children's home anymore, but still comes to visit almost every day and his sister, Nastia, who will still live there with him for a few more years. He told me that he wants to become a computer programmer, but that he still can't push all the buttons on the computer so fast (hehe) and then proceeded to wow me by beating every single level of a rather complicated game on my phone.  Eventually Denis had to run off for his group's time to eat dinner, so I went and hung with the the other kiddos for the rest of the time.  There were only three of us volunteers there that day and the kiddos were especially attention-hungry, so I was immediately grabbed up by a group of little ones and we spent rest of the time monkeying around on the jungle gym.  One of the volunteers gave me a nice picture and letter as we parted ways with promises to see each other again someday!

I had to hurry on home to meet Nadia and Mila, who were coming over for a goodbye hangout.  We chatted over tea and treats and then, as usual with these girlies, there was lots of singing! What fun!

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