Thursday, May 2, 2013

Last day of classes and an evening of "goodbye"

Tuesday was our last day of university and our good-bye dinner.  Where has the time gone?? In the morning was our Comparative Political Revolutions final and then I had a final presentation to give in my Political Sociology seminar.  It only seems appropriate that the very last thing I did at university was give a presentation in Russian to a roomful of Ukrainian classmates on a complicated socio-political topic.  It seemed like a good culmination of my academic endeavors here in Kharkov.  Being part of a Ukrainian class was definitely an interesting experience.  Even if I didn't completely become a part of their close-knit third year group, there were a few girls who really made me feel welcome in that class. The chorus of "привет"s as we one by one took our places in that lecture hall for 8:30 AM go time. There was the girl who often sat by me in lecture and always wanted to know how I was doing.  There was the girl who always smiled her big braces-y grin at me when I arrived to our seminar class.  And there was the amazing classmate who always made sure I had any notes I missed and that I understood more or less what was going on.  It also helped that both the professor and seminar teachers really know their stuff and were very good at delivering the information.  Overall, I was very happy with the decision to take on that class this semester.

Tuesday afternoon the weather was magnificent and Megan and I both wore dresses to the farewell dinner.  It was a nice evening of reminiscing and eating good food. We gave our directors a small gift and they had some cute EESA mouse pads with our pictures on them (last semester we had cute little tote-bags with pictures from that semester). We continued the farewell festivities on the rooftop of our apartment building with more reminiscing and few drinks all around.  Even though we all still had varying amounts of time left in Kharkov it was a good symbolic end to our semester as a group of five and the academic year coming to a close for Jordan, Megan,and I.

With our directors (and some horrible lighting for pictures)

The EESA girls!


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