Saturday, May 11, 2013

До встречи!

I didn't want my last day in Kharkov to be sad. I wanted it to be full of joy, so that I would leave with the happiest of memories and a feeling of joy. And I have to say, my expectations were certainly met! I woke up pretty early on Tuesday to perfect weather and beautiful sunshine. Jason came over in the morning to get some pictures from the semester and then I went over to Collegium to say my goodbyes to the teachers and give them some small gifts.  ''I didn't know you were leaving already!! We should have had a party!'' Tanya exclaimed.  But, a party just for my goodbye isn't really my style and our goodbyes at the school were sweet and perfect. As always, there were promises of ''I'll be back'' and ''Kharkov can't get rid ofme that easily!'' :) Then it was off to the center to meet up with some more Collegium students and students visiting from Sweden! We visited the Historical Museum and took a walking tour of the city.  It was really great and there was something very special in telling them all about Kharkov and showing it off as 'my city'. Evenetually I had to part ways with them to head back to my apartment, where I double-checked my itinerary and made sure everything was packed up. Sasha and Vova came over about an hour before my taxi was scheduled to arrive.  We drank tea and coffee together and recalled memories of the past year. They had a small gift for both Megan and me-so sweet! When my taxi arrived they helped me carry my bag down and we were off to the station.  Mila came to the station as well and gave me a beautiful necklace.  We stood on the platform chatting, laughing, and taking some pictures together until the conductor made the last call for everyone to board.  I gave bigt hugs all around and then hopped on the train and waved and smiled until they were out of site.  Was I sad to be leaving? Of course! But there was this incredible joy of a ctiy which had given me so many memories and such amazing friends, that in that moment, I was really all smiles.  And besides, I'll be back!!
So the train drove away into the night.  I chatted a bit with the grandmas and grandpas nearby and slept restlessly for a few hours.  Arriving in Kiev, I called a taxi to the airport and by early afternoon on Wednesday I was in Munich! And now, a couple of relaxing weeks in Germany before I'm off to Russia...and the adventures just keep a coming and a coming! :)))

Vova and Sasha - miss you so much already!!

At the train station

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  1. Chelsea, best wishes to you and safe travels! It was so much fun to read about all your adventures : ) Hope you'll still continue to blog now that you've left Kharkov!