Monday, May 6, 2013

Христос Воскрес!

Easter greetings from Ukraine!

I woke up Sunday morning and met Mila at the metro because she wanted to come to church with me for Easter.  Normally on Easter Sunday I'm wearing a brightly colored dress, but today I was proudly wearing my beautiful vishivanka! Church was beautiful! The flowers, the music, the joyous atmosphere! Everything was wonderful! After church the brothers, feeling left out after the sisters gifted me the vishivanka last week, gave me a BEAUTIFUL book of pictures of Kharkov! I will definitely be showing that book off to everyone at home.  After church we had our usual time of sitting together and having coffee, tea, and treats, but this time with generous portions of Паска cake. Yummy!! As I was leaving I got teary-eyed saying my goodbyes to Pastor Victor and then to his wife and mom.  I'm going to miss them all so much at that little Ukrainian Lutheran Church!
Easter morning!

Easter cakes and decorations

Everyone was giggling as the water fell on them during the Easter blessings :)
Present from the brothers 

With Pastor and his wife - some of the most wonderful people I met here in Kharkov!

On the way back to the metro Mila and I took some pictures in Shevchenko park among the flowering trees.

In the evening Megan, Jordan, and I had soup together and then dyed Easter eggs together.

Megan and Jordan dying Easter eggs

Our make-shift egg-dying operation


Oh so blue!

More Paska!

I ended the evening with a Face Time call to my mama and a Skype chat with Mario.

What a wonderful first Easter in Ukraine! I am blessed beyond words!

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