Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Sunshine!

Spring has been teasing us the last couple of weeks, but today we got to enjoy some sunshine and weather that was at least not so cold.  Megan, Sasha, and I took advantage of the weather and the ever-later setting sun and set out on an early-evening adventure after university!

Beautiful Church!

Statue to Alexander Nevsky

Eiffel - in Kharkov!

We could even climb up on it!

Hope spring is coming to your corner of the world as well!


  1. Whoa, where is that Eiffel Tower? I gotta see it in person! :)

  2. You can reach it by foot easily from Plosha Povstannya in less than 20 minutes I would guess. It's outside of a cafe called Французский бульвар which is part of a complex with a movie theatre and maybe some other shops and such as well. And with this nice weather we're having it should be a nice little adventure! :)